CF Barbending – CrossFit


Open mobility (No Measure)

10 min of coaches choice


Snatch Pull (5 x 1 with a :05 pause below knee ascending)

perform EMOM

directly into

Clean Pull (5 x 1 with a :05 pause below knee)

ascending from final snatch load EMOM

*newer athletes technique focus*


Wong-ed (4 Rounds for time)

With a partner:

Every 5:00 x 4:

10 Calorie machine each

12 DB Push Press 50/35

8 DB Burpee Power Cleans

4 DB Devil Press

10 Calorie machine each
Only one partner works at a time, partition DB reps as you choose

In honor of the silent assassin(Carm) & the best seamstress in the gym(Eva). You”ll always be Wong’s to me :/