Kids Fitness Classes

Kids Program

For kids ages 5-8 and of all abilities

Our CFBB Kids Program is for kids of ages 5-8 and all abilities. We focus on teaching children healthy habits through exciting games and activities. The program combines gymnastics, body weight, calisthenics and endurance exercises to develop overall fitness and sports concepts. CFBB Kids also focuses on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. Each class is FUN and different each week that allows the children to be engaged and entertained to create a lifelong love for health and fitness.

Best part – No uniforms, no traveling! Whether to keep your child physically active or to improve their overall physical skills, CFBB Kids will make a difference in your child’s overall health mentally.

Self-Esteem • Cardiovascular Fitness • Safe Environment • Balance & Agility •
Strength Training • Sports Conditioning • Flexibility • Positive Coaching • Speed Drills

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