Be the Tortoise not the Hare


Be the Tortoise not the Hare

The sadistic coach knows all about his box. He hears the whispers, he acknowledges, he absorbs, he contemplates, he rationalizes, & he digests. The mind is a powerful thing. It can help us either triumph or perish in the face of adversity. It can frustrate as well as motivate. Sometimes we can get inside of our own heads. This month, I’m going to give you a look inside my own. But first, before I do, if you haven’t watched the link above please do before you delve any further. It will shed some much-needed clarity & hopefully stir up some emotion. The following is based upon its content. Technique, consistency, intensity. I was first introduced to this mantra at my Level 1 cert. course. In short, don’t cut corners. There are necessary steps in place & each one is of equal importance. One must crawl before they walk, walk before they run, & run before they jump. Each step builds in complexity upon the previous. The sum of all the parts we call virtuosity, the holy grail of physical movement. This is achieved through the aforementioned sage words of technique, consistency, intensity.

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve introduced several templates to you. We went through Smolov Jr., Hatch, & the latest & greatest, the Wendler 5-3-1. The former are squat protocols. We all understand the importance of sound squat mechanics & strength. The latter is a blanket template that can be applied to all major lifts, not just the squat. What do they all have in common? Repetition. Over the course of the weeks or months, you develop the big three; technique, consistency, & as the program peaks, intensity is the culminating step in the evolution of it all. A new PR, tangible proof of increased strength, & validation for all that hard work. Something to hang your hat on. No protocol to date has produced better results….more PR’s…..then the 5-3-1 has. Wodify crashed trying to run last months report there were so many & we still haven’t received it yet. Were these PR’s in vein? How were they taken…..5 lbs. at a time. The smallest plate denomination we have in the gym. Be a tortoise, not a hare. Commit to the process. In short, GO ALL IN OR QUIT!

What you have now as we approach the final month of this 5-3-1 journey is a lunch box that you packed. Yes, you packed your own lunch, & it tastes good. The most common question i get now is, “When are we going to PR?” To that i say, you already have, just look at all the gold stars in your histories since April. You’ve taken 5lb PR after PR, in some cases a little more. Your lunch box has more food in it now than it did then.

So my parting advice to you is, slow down……enjoy the ride. You are still going to be seeking at PR’s 15 or 20 years from now. A few months is a pimple on the ass of a lifetime of progress in your fitness endeavors. Relish in the fact that you haven’t PR’d all your high-end numbers yet. Know that your best lifts are still in front of you. Know that the blood, sweat, & tears you leave on those mats inside those walls is all leading you to one thing….what’s coming next. New tests are in store. What you’ve packed in your lunch box, you’ll need to consume every last macro; because where were going next, there is no turning around. There is no going back. You’re going to find your best lifts, because i promise you, they still lie out there somewhere on the road ahead. It’s almost time for the main course.

Just know that whatever it is I set forth for you all, whatever it means to you, it means more to me. It always will. If the day comes where I don’t prioritize the greater good of our community above all else, then I won’t bother wasting your time anymore, or mine for that matter. I am & will always be all in for CFBB, I’ll never quit, & at the end of the day I’ll never let you down. This i swear.

Always remember, be a tortoise……not a hare.
-The Sadistic Coach